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Master Tien-Jen (Kuo Chin-chong), director of the Ming Daw Culture Center, was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1950.He is a graduate of Tamkang University.

Master Tien-Jen sought the Dao from a young age. Soon , he thoroughly grasped the truth of the cosmos. Possessing universal compassion and cosmic mercy, he travels tirelessly throughout Taiwan and abroad to spread the gospel of Maitreya far and wide, benefiting countless people.
In recent years, Master Tien-Jen has undertaken relief efforts in African countries including Ethopia and Gambia, establishing medical centers and schools for the poor and the needy.

With his compassion and supreme wisdom, Master Tien-Jen is like a candle brightening hearts and nourishing souls of countless people, bring brightness into a world of darkness.

Master Tien-Jen, continuing in his quiet way to contribute all he can to the happiness of all beings, is the true exemplar of an awakened person.