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Ming Daw Culture Center Taiwan was established in December 1996 by Mr. Kuo Chin-chong. He believes in the truth and loves all living beings. He always tells his disciples to think in what they can do to help others and profit the whole world. Under the traditional Chinese morality, "others starve as if we starve, others drown as if we drown", which means all mankinds are brothers, we should do good deeds to benefit all.

The established objectives of "Ming Daw Culture Center" are to spread the gospel of Maitreya; promote the spiritual elevation of human beings and join the humane rescue work. Cherished the universal compassion and cosmic pity, we try our best to complete the ideals of making the world to be a big family and a political utopia.

Our Center had managed to aid many countries, such as Ethiopia, Gambia, Chad, Papua New Guinea, ST. Christopher, Dominican, Haiti. Nicaragua, Honduras, EL Salvador, Guatemala, Solomon Islands, Senegal.

We helped them to build clinic centers, schools, develop water sources, and donated medicines, clothes, computers, sports equipments and money. Many people were benefited from our aiding programs.