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Events reporting and letters of thanks from various countries

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Ethiopia Letter of thanks from Ethiopia for Ming Daw Culture Center's assistance for Ethiopia.
Gambia Letter of thanks from the Embassy of Gambia for Ming Daw Culture Center's benevolence.
Papua New Guinea In Papua New Guinea, the tsunami caused so many people died and injured. Ming Daw Culture Center donates US$100,000 for relief effort, The Papua New Guinea government writes a appreciation letter to Ming Daw Culture Center.
Solomon Islands The Solomon Islands, disaster caused by windstorm, Ming Daw Culture Center donates US$10,000 . Writes a thanking letter by the Government of Solomon Islands passed by ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Macedonia Assistance delegation for Macedonian stayed at Abu Dahbi temporarily (1999, 4,14)...
Turkey Turkey 1121 earthquake, Ming Daw Culture Center donates US$30,000 ,Master Tien Jen himeself presents to the representative of Turkey, Witness by Vice President Lien Chan.
Reports from Central America Lien Chan led a delegation to visit Central America today (1998, 12,5)...
Press conference for Central America The republic of China "Central America Love Visit Delegation", return country with honor. Hold a news conference hosts by Vice President Mr. Lien Chan in Taipei Guest House.
Memo of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Personal letter from Foreign Minister Jason Hu to thank the benevolent deeds by Master Tien-Jen.
Friend of foreign service Foreign Minister Jason Hu awards a medal of friend of foreign service to Master Tien-Jen personally...
Letter of thanks Certificate of appreciation from Foreign Minister Jason Hu for Ming Daw Culture Center's assistance to the friendly nations in Central America.