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Chapter Six: Correct Concepts of Propagating the Dao

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001. The essence of propagating the Dao is the secret seal conveyed by ancient Buddha--the point initiated by the Enlightened Master.

002. The purpose of propagating the Dao is to let everyone, according to the point initiated by the Enlightened Master, rest his mind and retrieve his true heart and true self.

003. Propagating the Dao is a process, practicing the Dao is the goal; attaining the Dao is the ideal; perfecting the Dao is the destination.

004. Since you seek the Dao, if you do not cultivate yourself and obtain the Dao according to the point initiated by the Enlightened Master, why attain the Dao at all, for it will be meaningless.

005. Transmitting the Dao to others means awakening all beings to the Buddha in our hearts--that God exists in our hearts.

006. The most important thing for all beings is the great matter of birth and death. But the first thing you must understand when you seek the Dao is "What is Dao?"

007. Neither hold on too tightly or loosely while propagating the Dao. Cultivate yourself as you help deliver others. Always leave sufficient time during the day to reflect within yourself.

008. The purpose of seeking Dao is to understand the universal truth, to know that people come from the Pure Land and must return to the Pure Land.

009. Transmitters are those specially chosen to point out the true heart and convey true nature. If no thought deviates from the true self, the Buddha-fieldi is cultivated. This is the highest ideal of Dao cultivation.

010. Be sure to know someone else's situation before you attempt to convert him to the Dao. If a candidate's situation is too complex and he has too many worldly worries, you should wait longer. Sometimes we come up against our human limits, so you should do what you can do and set aside what you cannot accomplish so as not to waste time.

011. The most important job for you today is to lead people to return to their own true selves. Whether in times of deliverance or amassing souls, everyone must return to the true self. This has nothing to do with the Mandate of Heaven, but is as natural as breathing, for we must all keep breathing even though the end of the age is here. As the Doctrine of the Mean states: "That which is called Dao cannot be separated from for an instant. What can be separated from is not the Dao."

012. As a practitioner of Dao, you should cherish the sacred profession and despise ordinary ones. Persist throughout this process of change, especially in our day and age, beware of concepts of benefit and insidious conflicts between people. Confront these situations patiently.

013. There are no conflicts between practicing Dao and propagating Dao, for they are mutually complementary. As you deliver others in action, deliver yourself in stillness. As the Great Learning states: "The ancients who wanted to manifest their bright virtue to all in the world first governed well their own states."

014. Propagating Dao is just one part of practicing Dao, for Dao is your true self. As the Platform Sutra states: "Seeing your own true self is merit itself and equality is a virtue." Thus, to practice Dao by cultivating your heart is to fulfill the virtue perfectly so that you can identify with the Dao. It is your duty to know how to expound and propagate the Dao.

015. Everyone should agree when it comes to practicing Dao by cultivating the heart. Everyone should perceive the merits of propagating the Dao to your best abilities.

016. If the junior practitioners of Dao follow the example of seniors, yet the senior practitioners deviate from the Dao, the junior practitioners will follow the wrong path in their footsteps. Therefore, associate yourself with an Enlightened Master, for only he can lead you to proper awakening.

017. If you are unable to subdue Three Poisons (greed, hatred and ignorance), you fail to achieve true cultivation of the heart. Propagating the Dao is about leading people to repent and to awaken to birthlessness; it means doing one's best and leaving the rest to Heaven, and delivering others where opportunities arise.

018. Even if you initiate all the world's 5.7 billion people, if nobody actually practices Dao or amends their bad temper and habits, or eliminates their greed, hatred and ignorance, can the Kingdom of Buddha ever arise? Think this over thoroughly.

019. Lao Qianren said: "Propagators of Dao will attain sainthood." That is not a saying of truth but a saying of expediency.

020. We say we wish to convert and deliver people, but how can we achieve that? To convert and deliver people means enlightening and leading people to awaken themselves from confusion. We commonly describe this as a journey.

021. There is no shore to the sea of suffering except for those who repent. Take caution before you allow a thought to spring forth. This is the essence of converting and delivering people to the Dao.

022. Know that not only must you rescue and convert people, but you also need salvation and conversion. Realize that the "real person" inside you is Him, and deliver yourself alone. The Buddha cannot deliver you.

023. We do our best to propagate the Dao, but most people are concerned with how many souls have been saved. In fact, numbers are inconsequential, for what truly matters is the results of cultivation.

024. Master Jigong said: If you are happy now, then you will be happier in the future when you attain sainthood. Therefore the issue at hand is not whether to propagate the Dao but whether you can cultivate the Dao.

025. Seeking the Dao means opening the window of the mind and welcoming Heaven into your heart. Let your Buddha Nature take charge of you.

026. Even if you convert ten million people to seek the Dao, if no one attains Buddhahood you have still sinned.

027. Approach things with more than just enthusiasm. Inherit the fruits of the past and expand them for the future, respect your elders and assist your juniors, and maintain principle in everything you do. Otherwise, one day your enthusiasm will be extinguished.

028. The essence of all the religions of the world is that every individual must hold God in his heart, for the true God and the true Buddha lies in the heart and not outside the self. This is the only way to transcend everything.

029. If your inner merit is insufficient, then the more outer distractions will lead to attachment; the more you possess the more torment you shall have. It's like going from one prison cell to another.

030. Never lose your bearing for the sake of converting and delivering people to seek the Dao. Use ultimate wisdom as your support.

031. Outer merit not based on inner merit is an illusion, like a dream.

032. Heaven gave the sign and Buddha admonished us clearly, saying: "The great epoch and the great mission of amassing souls are at hand." In order to establish a new aspect, each individual must behold himself Heaven, purify the heart and put cultivation into action. Past indecision, denial of responsibility and such bad habits of the past must be rectified.

033. Heaven demands that we know the truth and practice Dao sincerely, live a simple life, and carry out the mission of enlightening others.

034. As long as our Enlightened Master and Mistress are propagating the Dao, the great catastrophe will not afflict us for the time being, for they have the authority to stem the winds of catastrophe. However, the great catastrophe will nevertheless come to pass once the seal of God is made on the foreheads of His servants.

035. It is more useful to build a lighthouse than to lay out countless candles on the seashore.

036. Heaven wants us to take the example of the Three Buddhas so we can act as a lighthouse one day.

037. We take action before others and take precautions for the future. Now that we understand Heaven's timing, workings, and ways of cultivation, we must adopt new behaviors.

038. A reservoir filled with water empties with earth-shaking force when the flood gates are opened. Similarly, you must save up your energy for the future to help the Three Buddhas to fulfill their vows. In so doing, everyone's vows shall be fulfilled.

039. During the Great Period of the White Yang, Heaven will pick up those who practice Dao sincerely and those awakened to the truth. Thus, as the vanguard of the Period of the White Yang, we must do our best to help the Three Buddhas. If we do so we shall surely be blessed.

040. Master's temple has no roof tiles and no walls. When the Three Lamps have been lighted, everywhere is the arena of Dao. As the Vimalakirti-nirdesa Sutra states: "The sincere heart is the arena of Dao and the Pure Land."

041. In the Great Period of the White Yang, our Master and Mistress's arena of Dao shall be built from the vows of all Buddhas, so we must protect it with all our devotion and effort.

042. If you only do one correct thing in your lifetime, it is to know that you want to become a Buddha by means of Dao cultivation.

043. If you are knowledgeable about human affairs but weak in knowledge of the Buddha, what service are you to the Buddha's deeds?

044. No matter great one's ambition, without perfect wisdom fulfillment is impossible.

045. Without awakening to your true nature, how can you serve the Buddha's affairs? All the ancient patriarchs became useful by attaining enlightenment.

046. The various assemblies of the celestial beings in Heaven are mere provisional power arrangements. The establishment of Heaven including the Arhats, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are real (permanent).

047. The purpose of building a temple is to lead everyone to awareness that the mind must return to the point initiated by the Enlightened Master.

048. The arena of Dao in the Great Period of the White Yang is composed of the truth and reason.

049. He who can give up all he has to become a worker for Heaven is the richest man.

050. In addition to hard and soft tactics, as you preach the Dao to others you must include pearls of truth to inspire enlightenment.

051. To rest a turbulent mind is to be free from the worldly worries. To be free from worldly worries after taking on responsibility or completing a mission, or to help turn a chaotic world into a Pure Land Kingdom of Buddha are positive means to enter this world.

052. Without mindfulness, one looks but not sees, hears but not understands, eats but not tastes. Be attentive in whatever you do, and mistakes and possible calamity can be avoided.

053. Lao-Tzu said: "Give birth to it and nourish it. Produce it but don't possess it. Act without expectation. Excel, but don't take charge. This is called Mysterious Virtue." The Mysterious Virtue is the highest virtue, and the highest virtue does not reveal itself.

054. You are so fatigued from running around at the behest of others. Why not take some initiative on your own? How sad!

055. Preach the teachings of an awakened person, and offer plenty of evidence, giving people the good fortune to hear the current gospel of the kingdom of Heaven.

056. Devoting yourself to propagating the Dao means devoting yourself to Heaven and being a worker of Heaven. But while you devote yourself to being a worker of Heaven, you must ultimately practice the Dao yourself.

057. School education takes stock in knowledge and skills, but does not promote rationality and morality. This is why people become bad. In contrast, the realm of Dao educates people with the truth that can make everyone become a reasonable and moral person. Therefore, our society will become peaceful as a matter of course.

058. Have great virtue and forbearance. Wear a smile every day and comport yourself with tranquility, transcendence and natural ease.

059. Inner merit means retrieving your lost heart, and outer merit means delivering others to the Dao. The accumulation of inner merit is invisible to others, so that is why it is said, "The inner dwellings of the Superior Man's home cannot be seen, as are his deeds unknown to others."

060. The Dao alone without virtuous conduct will attract only demons. If a man of virtue does not receive the Dao, he cannot attain ultimate insight into the truth of the universe.

061. Offering fruits to Heaven means to sincerely presenting the results of cultivation to the almighty in Heaven.

062. Human emotions are worldly attachments. Propagating the Dao is a method, while cultivating the Dao is Buddha dharma.

063. In the future, only those who have attained enlightenment can become the transmitters of Dao. As the Fifteenth Patriarch stated, "Propagating the Dao in a wasteland is useless; only the enlightened shall gain admission to Heaven." Only the amassing of souls will last for the next epoch of 18,000 years.

064. As a slave, Moses resisted Pharaoh. This exemplified bravery.

065. Although under control of the Romans, Jesus did not shrink from authority and preached the truth to others. In this way, He embodied the three virtues of wisdom, benevolence and courage.

066. Cleans impurities from the bodies and minds of all beings, purify their ears so they hear the truth anew.

067. Love one another and refrain from hurting others, for destructive behavior dishonors and hurts our parents.

068. The Book of Songs admonishes "Remain sober when the rest of the world is in confusion." Thus, always adhere to the principles of Dao cultivation and never waiver. Move with the Dao, and withdraw from all that is not aligned with the Dao.

069. With each step that the gospel of truth is advanced, the power of karma over people will be reduced that much. Thus, take awakening to the truth as your place of ultimate return.

070. The greatest advantage of investigating the sutras is that one gains their wisdom direction. As each sutra flows directly from the true self of the Buddhas and is a blueprint for becoming a Buddha, believe in the sutras and bring them to fruition.

071. Perhaps you have been a practitioner of the Dao or have done many good deeds over a lifecycle of 60,000 years, all along simply hoping to attain the perfect universal wisdom of a Buddha. Now the time is at hand, but by abandoning your conscience, you enter the realm of materialism that will cause you to fall into the same cycle all over. That is why you disappoint Heaven and the Buddhas.

072. Enlighten yourself by meditating on the truth and returning to the origin so that your thread of ideas will pour out like the Yellow River, enriching withering spirits as you preach the Dao.

073. All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have helped us without ever saying a word. Similarly, people should refrain from boasting and grand displays and follow in the non-active spirit of the Buddhas and Boodhisattvas. As Jesus said, "Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. Otherwise you have no reward from your Father in heaven."

074. How can one distinguish between Buddha and the devil? A Buddha has a selfless mind and knows the truth clearly and thoroughly. He heeds not idle gossip but cares only for understanding clearly the means of enlightening the true self. He does his best to teach people to enlighten their true hearts and true selves, to hold tranquillity before thinking and to uphold the lifeblood of all Buddhas. He also teaches you not to deviate from the point initiated by the Enlightened Master but to adhere your mind to the Heavenly Portal while sitting in meditation, and to hold the "center," embrace the origin and to take up your cross every day.

He who acts against the above characteristics is a devil, for he teaches you not to practice the Dao, not to adhere your mind to the Heavenly Portal, and he stands everywhere in the way of the progress of truth. As the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch states: "To realize that nothing can be seen but to retain the concept of 'Invisibility' is like the surface of the sun obscured by passing clouds. To realize that nothing is knowable but to retain the concept of 'Unknowability' may be likened to a lightning flash across a clear sky. To let these arbitrary concepts rise spontaneously in your mind indicates that you have misidentified the essence of mind, and that you have not yet found the means to realize it."

075. Make the truth become the basis upon which your life is managed.

076. Before enlightenment is attained, everything you have done previously is just accumulated merit and it is transient. But such good fortune can also exist for a long time if you cast away all aspirations to receive rewards.

077. Each time you preach the concept of the true teachings of truth to another and successfully convert and deliver that person, you accumulate merits and move the great wheel of the Great Period of the White Yang.

078. Whenever people practice the true teachings of truth with determination, another level of dharma on earth brightens up and people are inspired with spiritual light as karma is reduced.

079. In this life, your body is a 60,000 year-old crystal. Now the time is at hand to determine whether you can attain sainthood over the next 10,800 years. Thus, now is the most important turning point to you.

080. We preach Dao to spread the gospel of truth, to serve people, to understand the great mission of amassing souls, and to leave behind the attachments that caused us to fall into the sea of suffering.

081. Transcend beyond your present concepts and attain new ideas to prepare you to greet the future and adjust yourself to changing circumstances and convert people.

082. Time is of the essence now. Thus, you must progress on your own, awaken to yourself, and support and strive for yourself. For it is time for you rectify yourself first, then others, and to establish a fine example to others.

083. The key to resolving all problems thoroughly is to change human hearts and return them to the proper Way. We all shoulder a heavy responsibility to rectify human hearts.

084. All calamities and accidents occur was because people commit transgressions and neglect the little matters. This results in errors, so be very careful!

085. The only way to become a Superior Man (an individual of superior moral character and conduct) is to understand the distinction between action and inaction. Action through inaction is the true Way.

086. Always keep in mind why Buddha, our Master (and all sages) have gone to such great lengths for people. You were blind to the fact that we embody the Dao, but now that you know the purpose of the point initiated by the Enlightened Master, what have you done with this knowledge?

087. First light your own heart lamp, then those of others so that one lamp lights another in an endless succession. When this happens, the world will become a paradise full of brightness.

088. When your six vital organs fail to function, then your soul will be upset. Thus, do not cling to the six roots in your response to what transpires, and maintain tranquillity in your heart.

089. Lao Qianren said, "When Heaven wants us to return to the Pure Land, we should treasure this good chance and go back quickly." It is easy for a wise person to understand this, but difficult for a lost man to grasp.

090. Understand that if all things you possess on earth can be possessed in Heaven, then you never really possessed them.

091. Put your worries aside and embrace the ultimate wisdom to enlighten people. This is the Great Vehicle. Spread it throughout the world, washing away ignorance and eliminating distinctions between earth and Heaven.

092. We must transcend time and space, and distinctions of race among people to let all people awaken to the great matter of birth and death, so that all beings to the true heart and true self. When people's hearts are one with the truth, Utopia is established. This is the real meaning of fulfillment--to arrive at supreme goodness.

093. Do not envy the achievements of others, for when you do you dig a hole to hell and fall into an abyss from which you cannot extract yourself.

094. When you respect all beings and all Buddhas, and awaken yourself and others to the Dao, you become an enlightened being (Bodhisattva).

095. A righteous man is one who can do what others are incapable of doing and can take up the responsibilities that others are unable to fulfill.

096. When you apply your good conscience, you are indeed divine. The truth in our hearts is manifest as "love," and a sincere heart can bring enlightenment. Demonstrate how much you care for all sentient beings!

097. The three virtues of wisdom, benevolence and courage are like a three-wheeled pedicab: whenever one of the virtues is absent, it is like a pedicab with a broken wheel or a flat tire, making progress difficult. Hence you should devote yourself to Dao cultivation to achieve the objective of becoming a virtuous man.

098. These days who is concerned with the birth and rebirth of all beings, and is truly cultivating his heart? Some people are just building their tomb, working for the dead. Therefore they cannot understand the true meaning of the teaching, "The great Dao is unquestionably embodied in the heart." Thus we should support those who do their best to teach people to enlighten the true heart and true self, for this is really a wise choice.

099. Have faith in those who have attained enlightenment and returned to the Pure Land. Similarly, respect those who did their best to teach people to enlighten the true heart and true self and to spread the gospel of truth. Believers shall receive eternal life, for faiths is their salvation. But those who refuse to believe will meet calamity.

100. Some persons slander the truth and the Master, but have they attained enlightenment returned to the Pure Land? An awakened person is one who has returned to the Pure Land and possesses correct knowledge and views, yet some people still disbelieve and turn away from them. Unfortunately, people believe in and are attracted by the unenlightened who haven't returned to the Pure Land. Why are such people so foolish?

101. He who desires to reach the Dao of Heaven should first perfect the Dao of mankind. Thus, he should honor his parents at home and his elders out in society. If he is unsuccessful at these basic conditions, he is incompetent to accomplish important tasks.

102. The Chinese characters for "China" literally mean "Middle Kingdom." This is quite apt, as "middle" means the great origin of all things, and China is surely destined to become a Kingdom of Buddha. Moreover, when two dots are added to the character "middle" (zhong), the character becomes mu, meaning the almighty in Heaven.

103. Confucius said, the superior man "has no friends who are not of equal (moral) caliber." That is to say, that one should associate with enlightened, virtuous practitioners of the Dao. Still, one should treat all men as equals while converting and delivering them to the Dao.

104. Encourage yourself, reminding yourself that 'I am a potential Buddha' and 'our Master is a living Buddha.' Our animated spirit is bestowed by the almighty in Heaven and the Dao we receive is the orthodox Way, the heritage of the ancient patriarchs. We must cherish these gifts that others are no so fortunate to have.

105. When you have something to do, go do it. When you are free, then concentrate your mind to the Heavenly Portal, for maintaining tranquillity of the heart can help you live in peace and enjoy your work. We can learn a valuable lesson from the silkworm, who spins a cocoon around itself, where it is safe and secure to develop into a moth. When it's ready, it spreads its wings and flies. Similarly, now is the ideal time for you to quietly cultivate yourself.

106. Take good care of yourself physically and perfect your heart. It is said that the first 90 miles of a 100-mile journey is only half-way there. Proceed with caution, as if treading on thin ice.

107. Do not think about accolades from people, but for blessings from the Buddha. People's hearts are unstable and turbulent, so take pains not to get caught up in their ups and downs and maintain a steady heart.

108. You are the beloved son of Heaven and a disciple of the Enlightened Master but not a disciple of Lao Qianren or Qianren. Seeking the Way, even all the presidents of the world come to our Enlightened Master, and after receiving the Dao, they are disciples of the Enlightened Master and potential Buddhas.

109. All systems in this world are man-made and thus transient, but Heaven will bestow upon us a new system--a new universe and a new Pure Land. And Heaven will enter this world and live among us.

110. Do not let the pressure of your professional life afflict your soul. Sometimes we can only see the surface, and cannot tell when the soul has actually been oppressed.

111. Heaven is benevolent and He gives life to this world and creates all things to nurture us. No matter what mistakes you may commit, Heaven still forgives you and loves you all the same. However, while Heaven nurtures us with all things on earth, we reward Heaven with nothing. Therefore, Heaven will cultivate those with good conscience and save them from destruction at the hands of calamity. But those without good conscience will be burned with unquenchable fire.

112. The difference between action and inaction is that inaction means doing everything according to one's own true nature, or according to the dictates of conscience. Action means acting according to human nature, which requires the presence of others. For example, you need someone to admire you, to have a good opinion of you, or to reward you.

113. If you can deliver people from the suffering of the transmigration of birth and death, then are you not an angel? Thus, why do you not serve people instead of doing your filial duty and transcend your former self?

114. People are living Buddhas, while a "Buddha" statue carved from wood is dead wood. So we should be meeker around "living beings," not just bow down to idols. Do not turn priority upside-down.

115. The last chapter of the Analects of Confucius reads, "He who does not understand his inner self cannot be regarded as a Superior Man. He who does not know the rites cannot establish himself. He who does not understand words cannot distinguish between evil and just, right and wrong." Therefore, the most important aspects for practitioners of Dao are understanding one's own true self, knowing the rites, and understanding the meaning of words.

116. When you are tested, you should feign madness and act like an idiot, and do not argue about anything. For when you are slandered, you are liable to say inflammatory, unpleasant, even wrongful things. At such times, you should follow the example of the laughing Buddha Maitreya and dismiss them with a laugh. After all, all form is unreal, so do not regard everything you see as real and do not take everything seriously.

117. When you are with fellow practitioners, spend more time discussing the teachings of mind and nature and the concepts of sutra. Never spend a whole day together without discussing questions of mind and nature, rather contenting yourself to show off your wit, as doing so will hamper your accumulation of merit and advancement of study. For preaching the Dao helps accumulate merit, while gossiping about others only damages merit. When you gossip about others, you fall into the Three Bad Migrations (ghouls, hungry ghosts and animals) from the truth.

118. If you cannot always abide in the tranquillity of the true self, you will be unable to control vital essence and matter. For what profit it is to you if you struggle for great achievement and do not strive to enlighten the true self? Unless you can understand this, you will be unable to attain enlightenment.

119. Invest thorough efforts in practicing the Dao, for faith comes from practice. Thus, deal with problems when they crop up and remain tranquil when nothing happens.

120. The goal of accumulating merits and establishing virtue is enlightenment. Therefore, true merits and goodness are based on an awakened mind. As Buddha Sakyamuni said: "When one loses his awakened mind, everything he has done will cause karma and contribute toward making the devil."

121. If a practitioner of Dao deviates from the truth and the true teachings of truth for no good reason, we should question whether we have really done our best to uphold the true teachings of truth in daily life. But if he approached everything with human nature, he has lost his faith in Dao and failed to reflect up his own true self or concentrate his mind on the Heavenly Portal. Under such conditions, we should ask those closest to him why they were unable to advise and assist him. Therefore, we should advise and guide each other and never get each other into trouble.

122. One should elevate both oneself and others, because only an awakened person with Dao can spread Dao all over the world. Only men can spread the Dao, as Dao cannot spread itself among men.

123. People will not look down upon you unless you manifest a weakness that engenders their dislike. Therefore, look within yourself and better yourself, and aim directly at your weakness, and then correct accordingly.

124. Elevate your mind and nature at all times, and never lose your bearings as you convert people to receive the Dao.

125. As a practitioner of the Dao, you must not forget the objective of the Dao is to turn the world into a Utopia. We propagate the Dao far and wide to achieve this objective, for if we lose sight of our goal our gospel is no more than empty words.

126. An eminent monk achieved his position because he attained enlightenment, not because he transmitted the Dao to others.

127. No Buddha or Bodhisattva ever seeks ease and happiness for themselves, but only wish that all beings can leave suffering behind. How about us? Do we ever care about those who suffer and try to deliver them from suffering?

128. It is difficult to get one percent of merits from one thousand outer merits, but inner merit is your own business and only you can control it. Therefore, why not begin with yourself and deliver your confused inner thoughts? As propagating Dao is just one part of practicing the Dao, the true teachings of truth make up for deficiencies in propagating the Dao.

129. Heaven gave us the convenience and comfort of transportation, shelter, housing, and begs. Have we shown gratitude for that? What action have we taken to show our gratitude?

130. One day, everybody will understand the meaning of "The Gold Thread has descended before you." All men will know this information when the time is ready. They will come from all over the globe to seek the savior, for people will face the great matter of birth and death soon.

131. This world will become a Lotus Land and a Kingdom of Buddha in the near future, and we are preparing to greet them today. Therefore we should shoulder the duty of enlightening human hearts, spreading the truth all over the world, and letting people know Heaven in their own hearts.

132. Without delay, welcome the Kingdom of Buddha and move the kingdom of heaven to this world, then all unfairness and discontent on earth can be rectified.

133. Nations have laws and families have rules. Similarly, you must follow the regulations, rules and orders ordained by the Master, so that you can meet Master's requirements and proceed with correct cultivation. These are the canons and rites.

134. The canons and rites are revealed naturally and appropriately in emotion, reason and law. For the canons and rites are pure reason--that all things must be revealed reasonably.

135. Do not become trapped by personnel matters, for they are difficult to cast away and can confuse you when you try to manage them. Thus, to transcend this malignancy, you must take hold of the truth directly.

136. Entering into the mundane world aims to change human hearts, but it cannot change a pure spirit. Pacify hearts, make close connections with people, and enlighten the true self.

137. Shouldering your duty means completing the tasks assigned to you earnestly.

138. Lao Qianren said: "Why did the disciples of the Master become your junior practitioners?" Realize that you are also a disciple of the Master, so why do you snatch merits away from the Master? Is that reasonable? Are you not a sinner in so doing?

139. Confucius never talked of the fantastic, feats of strength, disorders or spirits. Similarly, cease discussing cause and effect and miracles before you go too far. Stop dwelling on such things and strive to elevate your concern to your true nature to align directly with the truth and attain enlightenment.

140. Never should parrot what others say--always have your own opinion. Confucius said: " If everybody hates something, you'd better check into it. If everybody loves something, you'd better check into it." That way, you won't fall into the abyss of ignorance. For to tell in the lane what you have heard on the highroad is to throw merit away.

The field of consciousness created by the ideation of an enlightened being.